Welcome to Bozburun & Veranda Hotel Restaurant          

Opposite to the Greek Island Symi, Bozburun is located in a sheltered harbour which is a small town with population of approximately 2000. This alternative holiday town surrounded with orange and lemon trees between the green mountains of Datca Peninsula is 50 km away from Marmaris which is a crowded city in summer time.

Bozburun always have been the cradle of many civilizations throughout history. Bozburun, as known as 'Kayra' in ancient times, have a history that lies back to 3040 B.C. The name 'Kayra' comes from the king named 'Kar' who rules Karya in that time.

Marmaris Bozburun is a small fishing town that placed in a beautiful bay and between rocky, silent and serpentine hills. Bozburun probably have the most beautiful bay in Aegean Sea and also one of the places that have the most variety of fish population over the world.

If you want to get rid of chaos and crowd of big cities Bozburun and Veranda Hotel is the perfect place for you with its beautiful bays and sea. You can explore a lot of ancient structures and underwater beauties of Bozburun. When the sun has set you will experience the most relaxing evening and night of your life with billions of stars and phosphorescence of moon in the silent of Bozburun.

Veranda Hotel & Restaurant          

Veranda Hotel Bozburun which has a traditional architecture is a paradise that you can chill out in the summertime.

Veranda Hotel is placed in one of the best locations in Bozburun near the sea and is only a couple of minutes away from Bozburun town center.

You can also visit the Greek island Symi with daily boat trips if you want.

Visit our restaurant near the sea and enjoy the daily fresh fish, seafood and many other special meal in our menu.

Veranda Hotel has a pier for the guests from the sea with the capacity of 6 sailboats. If you want you can enjoy your time in our restaurant with delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

We offer you a romantic, relaxing and peaceful Mediterranean holiday in Veranda Hotel & Restaurant. We are looking forward to see you in this summer.

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